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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Spring Returns to Bethesda Terrace

Today marked the first time this spring that I made my Saturday-afternoon pilgrimage to Bethesda Terrace. If you haven’t experienced the scene, you should set aside time and go. It was magical today. I walked down through Central Park from the Upper West Side to check out the roller-dancing crew, the drum circle, Thoth, and assorted live musical performers. I especially enjoyed watching the roller-dancing today because there were a number of accomplished skaters twirling and strutting and generally getting their groove on to the driving 70’s funk music they play. Plus, there was a huge tree nearby that was shedding little golden seed pods, so when a big gust of wind came along, the falling seed pods showered the area, looking a bit like snow or confetti. You know it’s a great party when Mother Nature joins in the festivities. I’ve decided to join the skaters next week, so if it’s good weather, come on down and you might just get the chance to catch General Anna shakin’ her groove thang.


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