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Sunday, April 23, 2006

The Real Story at Duke
Here's an angle on the Duke lacrosse team rape story that I haven't seen pursued in any mainstream publication: Why is being an exotic dancer the most lucrative and flexible career option our society presents to a 27 year old college student and single mother of two? It would be great if the accuser had been able to make enough money to support her family and pay her tuition bills by doing something other than exposing herself to the risks inherent in entering an unknown place and offering herself to be exploited sexually. (Yes, third wave feminists, it's possible that she is an extremely liberated woman who chose this job out of an array of possible options. But let's be real.) What does this say about the incentives our society sets up? Whatever happened that night, it's clear that it would never have happened had the accuser been able to support herself doing something other than exotic dancing.


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